About Preem

Preem AB is the biggest oil company in Sweden, with refining capacity of more then 18 million m3 of crude oil every year. Our two refineries are among the most modern, environmentally-friendly in Europe and the world.

This is Preem

From crude oil and refinery to exchange and gas station.


Sustainable development meets today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Special fuels

We develop, produce and sell diesel and gasoline grades for testing and certification purposes.


Here you will find Preem’s annual reports as well as access to reports and press releases issued by Corral Petroleum Holdings.

International alliances

For international hauliers who refuel in Sweden.

Corral Petroleum Holdings AB

Preem AB is wholly-owned by Corral Petroleum Holdings AB which is wholly-owned by Moroncha Holdings Co.

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