Europe's most modern refineries

Preem is Sweden’s largest refiner with two plants in Gothenburg and Lysekil. Our refineries are among Europe’s most modern and most environmentally efficient, with emissions that are far below current environmental requirements.

Preem accounts for 80 percent of the Swedish refinery capacity and 30 percent of the Nordic refinery capacity. In total, nearly 18 million cubic meters of crude oil are refined every year at both of our wholly owned refineries Preemraff Göteborg and Preemraff Lysekil. This provides a total refining capacity of around 352,000 barrels per calendar day, which corresponds to 15 percent of Sweden’s total energy consumption. About two-thirds of the products are exported.

The crude oil arrives at the refineries by vessel, is processed and exported or delivered to our depots throughout Sweden, also by sea. The plants in Lysekil and Gothenburg work in a common organization.

Preem has long pursued committed and systematic environmental efforts. Compared with the average refinery in Western Europe, our refineries emit:

  • 17 percent less carbon dioxide
  • 72 percent less nitrogen oxides
  • 94 percent less sulfur oxides