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Sustainable solutions by middle school students Sustainable solutions by middle school students

Hovercraft made from the new material graphene (a form of carbon) that runs on fuel made from algae would benefit the ecosystem and save our polar bears. Class 7A from Lindå School was awarded Preem’s special prize at the Future Transport competition held at Universeum for its solution to how we can travel sustainably by 2045. The class was invited to a full day at Preem’s refinery in Lysekil in the spring that included lunch, a guided tour and lectures.

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Spectacular car stunt Spectacular car stunt

Hollywood stunt man Samuel “Crazy Swede” Hübinette performed the world’s first climate-adapted car stunt by jumping 38 meters at a height of 6 meters with Preem Evolution Diesel in his gas tank. The stunt required major preparations including finding the right place to film, building the ramp and planning the stunt. It only took one try for Samuel to nail it. 

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Major investment in self-sufficiency Major investment in self-sufficiency

The first official groundbreaking took place in 2016 and site preparations are in full swing for the construction of a vacuum distillation unit (VDU) in Lysekil. The new facility will double capacity and make the refinery self-sufficient in vacuum gas oil (VGO), which is produced by residual oil, a key raw material in the production of gasoline and diesel. The new facility will be completed in the autumn of 2018 and the investment is worth SEK 1.6 billion. 

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Preem Evolution LPG launched Preem Evolution LPG launched

Next in line in the Preem Evolution family after diesel and gasoline is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), made with raw materials based on residuals from the Swedish forests. Preem’s new LPG product has the same characteristics and effect as Preem’s ordinary LPG, but 20 percent of its content is from renewable sources. The product is being sold in a first stage to corporate customers with a clear environmental profile since it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 19 percent.

“Today, fossil products dominate the LPG market. Our strategy is to keep evolving, and we will continuously develop the process with the goal of increasing production of Preem Evolution LPG. Many companies are now requesting more renewable alternatives to meet environmental targets,” says Mikael Andrén, head of Preem Gas. 

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Preem is fuel company of the year Preem is fuel company of the year

Preem has been named “Fuel Company of the Year”, a distinction that is awarded by the Swedish Petrol Trade Association.

“The award is a clear confirmation from our Preem partners that we have a well-functioning partnership that helps us all prosper,” says a proud Morten Bendz, head of retail.

The Swedish Petrol Trade Association has 1,100 sole trader member companies, irrespective of brand or chain. The jury’s motivation:

“For upholding mutual profitability and development of the chain with a clear focus together with Preem’s service station association. For its commitment to its dealers in word and deed and understanding that profitability comes both through local entrepreneurship and the economies of scale that can be achieved through the chain concept.” 

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Better environmental performance in Preem's shipping fleet Better environmental performance in Preem's shipping fleet

Tern Ocean is Preem’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered tanker.

“Creating more sustainable transport is part of Preem’s business vision and with this initiative we are at the forefront of the industry,” says Fredrik Backman, head of the shipping department at Preem.

Tern Ocean was recently completed in China for delivery in the first quarter of 2017. This type of ship is the first of its kind and can be powered by both diesel and LNG.

Fredrik estimates that it costs about 30 percent more to build an LNG ship compared with a conventional tanker, since natural gas requires an insulated tank. But there are environmental incentives such as lower fairway and port duties when running on natural gas instead of diesel or oil.

“Clear political incentives are required to stimulate the transition to sustainable alternatives. At present, time chartered ships are the catalysts driving the construction of tankers that use alternative fuels. This is how Preem is driving development forward,” says Fredrik.