Preem's sustainability framework

As Sweden’s largest fuel producer, Preem bears great responsibility in its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and transition to a more sustainable society. In 2016, we conducted a situational analysis of the expectations of our most important stakeholders and our impact. We used this as a basis for creating a sustainability framework with clear areas of focus, aspirations and objectives and prepared procedures for control and monitoring. The sustainability framework accentuates our vision to lead the transition towards a sustainable society.

Sustainable products

Preem markets products and services that are more sustainable and help our customers live a more sustainable lifestyle. Preem is a leader in offering renewable fuel products and a sustainable product range, which leads to positive growth for our company

Sustainable value chains

Preem develops sustainable fuel value chains Preem is a leader in developing sustainable value chains by developing supplier chains and establishing the right market conditions for sustainable products.


Preem’s operations deliver the lowest possible environmental impact Preem is one of the best in the industry at getting the most out of the energy and raw materials we use and minimizing the negative impact of emissions to the air, ground and water


Preem minimizes climate impact Preem is a leader in the oil and fuel industry 
when it comes to minimizing negative climate impact 
to achieve climate neutrality in the long term

Responsible company

Preem’s actions are responsible, ethical and transparent Preem takes responsibility for its products, the local communities in which we operate and energy security in Sweden, and is careful to always act in an ethically correct manner and be transparent toward its stakeholders

Health and safety

Preem puts health and safety first Preem has created a business that enables good health and the greatest possible safety as well as responsibility for our operations and the well-being and development of our employees

Stable economy

Preem creates the conditions for long-term sustainable businesses