The future is our most important market

The Swedish government has resolved on a new climate law that will give Sweden an ambitious, long-term, stable climate policy. The previous FFF 2030 decision is in force as well, which stipulates that Sweden’s vehicle fleet be independent of fossil fuels by 2030. 

Fossil fuels are defined as oil, coal or natural gas, raw materials that are finite and that are not renewed in short cycles like wind power, solar power and plants. Sweden currently has nearly 3 million cars that run on gasoline and over 1.3 million diesel cars, and if you look at new sales that trend will not change for many years.

Renewable gasoline and diesel that work in today’s cars are a large part of the solution to achieving a fossil-free vehicle fleet. We have the technology, the infrastructure in the form of service stations does not need to change, and our expertise at Preem makes it possible in practice. 

Three questions for

Sören Eriksson and Åsa Håkansson, Business Development at Preem Sören Eriksson and Åsa Håkansson, Business Development at Preem

What does the Environment Act taking effect in January 2018 mean to Preem?

“Preem has already made the decision to invest in renewable fuel and we are prepared to make further investments to reach our own and the Swedish government’s high targets. We have been seeking long-term and clear-cut political policy instruments for many years to make this possible. Now that we have these instruments we can step up our investments and develop sustainable, non-fossil fuels to an even greater extent than before.”

Will Preem start cutting down trees now?

“Preem will not need to cut down a single tree. The sustainable raw materials we need are already available in the form of residuals from sawmills and pulp plants. Tall oil and lignin are found in trees and are removed when producing pulp, and pyrolysis oil can be produced from sawdust and from tops and branches, which are not used in pulp production either. We thus raise the value of the waste that is left over once the main product has been produced from the forest raw material. We use other waste products in addition to tall oil to produce Preem Evolution Fuels, such as animal fat.”

Are there enough raw materials if you are going to make 3 million cubic meters of renewable fuel by 2030?

“We estimate that the residuals from trees felled at present along with fats and oils are plenty for producing the sustainable fuel that will be required to achieve the objective of a vehicle fleet free of fossil fuels in Sweden by 2030.”