Preem Evolution Gasoline

Preem Evolution Gasoline

Preem Evolution Gasoline is the greenest gasoline on the market with ten percent renewable raw materials, twice as much as any other gasoline on the market. In 2016, Preem Evolution Gasoline reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 12,500 metric tons, corresponding to emissions from about 4,200 cars. Preem Evolution Gasoline is a regular 95 octane gasoline, which can be used in all gasoline vehicles and can be blended with all other gasoline. 

Next step

Our goal is to continue developing and launching fuels with an even higher proportion of renewable content in the coming years, both diesel and gasoline. New long-term political rules will hopefully enable us to make the major investments in our own refineries required to continue driving the development of renewable fuels for the vehicle fleet of today and tomorrow.


Preem Evolution Gasoline Preem Evolution Gasoline

  • Sweden's greenest gasoline with the highest proportion of renewable content
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions in existing vehicle fleet
  • Works in all gasoline-powered vehicles
  • Works in today’s infrastructure of service stations
  • Reduces Sweden's need to import crude oil and increases self-sufficiency