Preem Petroleum AB (publ) announcement

Preem announces today its completion of the planned turnaround at Preemraff Lysekil. All units at the refinery are now operational. The length of the turnaround was close to 8 weeks, including all units in the refinery, which is approximately 2 weeks longer than previously communicated. However, many of the units were up and running already after 6 weeks.

A combination of factors accounted for the extension of the turnaround. There were severe weather conditions during the first two weeks, certain key units needed a bigger overhaul than anticipated, and furthermore certain key improvements projects have been carried out to further improve the performance of the refinery.

The period between the turnarounds at Preemraff-Lysekil has been extended from four to fives years, which means that the turnaround service time will be somewhat longer. At the same time the uptime period increases by 10%.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Heimburg, Chief Financial Officer
Office: +46 10 450 10 44