Special Fuels

We develop, produce and sell diesel and gasoline grades for testing and certification purposes throughout the world.

Special fuels throughout the world

We develop, produce and sell diesel and gasoline grades for testing and certification purposes. Since 1990 we have been supplying special fuels to the automotive industry and other customer groups throughout the world. Our laboratory in Gothenburg is one of the most modern in Europe. We supply quantities from barrels to large bulk deliveries.

Consultative partner

Special fuels include any fuel not sold on the public market but sold to customers with special requirements. Such customers naturally have demanding requirements in terms of service and finalised product, therefore we act as a consultative partner in the field of special fuels. 

Examples of product groups:

  • Test and certification fuels
  • Long-term fuels
  • Unique fuel blends
  • Blending components
  • First fill, for example, Diesel EN590 Arctic grade, Diesel MK1 and alkylate gasoline.
  • Renewable fuels
  • Standard fuels in containers as per customer requirements 

On the customer’s terms

We always work closely with our customers, which yields a rapid, effective and flexible process with a high level of service. In addition to the automotive industry, which is our largest customer group, we also have customers and partners within other sectors such as research and development, institutions and companies that carry out engine testing, and other petrochemical companies.


We deliver special and standard fuels in barrels, ISO containers, IBC containers and also by tanker and boat, of course.

"For those of us in production, being involved in intricate new projects from beginning to end is always exciting. We work closely together with the customer, which is essential, as we are both keen to achieve the ideal level of quality."

Harald Jeppsson, Laboratory Manager, Preem AB

Contact Special Fuels Contact Special Fuels

Pelle Janson
Key Account Manager
Phone: +46 70 225 35 82

Liselott Andreassen
Key Account Manager 
Phone: +46 
70 450 78 47

Anna Mentes
Production Manager 
Phone: +46 10 450 41 77

Administration and orders:
+46 10 450 13 41 
+46 10 450 13 43 
+46 10 450 13 87

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Product examples for special fuels Product examples for special fuels

Diesel EN 590 (all classes)
Diesel EN 590 B7
Diesel SD10 (RF-06-03)
Diesel SD10 B10
Diesel Euro 6 B7
Diesel Euro 5 B5
Diesel MK1 (fossil) Swedish
Diesel Artic, good cold performace
Diesel RF-03A-84
Diesel 50-2000 ppm Sulphur
Diesel USA 1065 ULS
Diesel HVO 100 %
Diesel blended with HVO
FAME, 100 % RME
Gasoline 91 Cert
Gasoline 98 Cert
Gasoline EN 228  (95 and 98)
Gasoline 102 FIA racing
Gasoline blended with Ethanol
Gasoline Alkylate 2 and 4-stroke
First fill: Diesel MK-1,  EN 590 Low Cloud
First fill: Gasoline alkylate 95
Gas turbine fuels
Componets: for diesel blending
Componets: for gasoline blending
Componets: for chemical use