For international hauliers who refuel in Sweden

We have a large network of fuel stations and international partnerships for fuel payment.

Preem has a large network of fuel stations providing excellent service to international hauliers driving in Sweden. Our stations are strategically located along motorways, at ports and in industrial districts. Most of our stations are situated in the triangle Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

All stations in our network are set up to cater for heavy goods vehicles, with high-speed pumps, and offer Preem ACP Evolution Diesel, which substantially reduces your carbon dioxide emissions, works perfectly in all diesel engines and costs no more than ordinary diesel. Many of our full-service stations offer additional facilities such as a shop, restaurant and toilets/showers.

The following cards can be used for payments to Preem: UTA, DKV, European Diesel Card, LogPay, Eurowag, E100 card, Aris, Tankpool24, Neste, Uno-X (Denmark and Norway) and OK Danmark.

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Stefan Malmström
Key Account Manager
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